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Protection Plans

SquareTrade Protection Plan

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Why should I get a SquareTrade Protection Plan?

Because it’s always the thing you can’t go a day without that ends up broken—and at the worst possible time. That’s why there’s SquareTrade. If something breaks, SquareTrade is there to make it good again, fast. They’ll have your item repaired or replaced in no time. And if it can’t be fixed or replaced, they’ll refund its replacement cost up to the coverage amount.

How do I purchase a SquareTrade Protection Plan?

It’s easy. If your item is eligible, you’ll have the option of adding a SquareTrade Protection Plan to your purchase directly from the item description page. You can also add a protection plan for eligible items in the cart and in step 3 of checkout.

Protection plans are valid on orders shipped to a US destination.

How long does SquareTrade coverage last?

Coverage lasts 2 to 3 years from date of item purchase and is indicated in the protection plan description.

When does coverage start?

Coverage begins 31 days after the item purchase date. If there’s an issue with your item and it’s still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or the AfterSchool.com 365-day return policy, you’ll be directed to the manufacturer or AfterSchool.com first. If the manufacturer either doesn’t cover or denies coverage for normal-use failures, or if you are outside of the AfterSchool.com 365-day retun policy, SquareTrade will still cover you.

How much is covered?

You’re covered for your item’s replacement cost up to the coverage amount. Once that amount has been paid out, your protection plan will be considered fulfilled. If you’d like to protect your replacement item, you’ll need to purchase a new protection plan.

How will I receive my contract?

Your protection plan contract will be emailed to you (be sure to check your spam folder.) You can also view your contract online by logging into your My Plans page at squaretrade.com

How do I file a claim?

You can file a claim anytime online by going to squaretrade.com, logging in to your account, and following the links from your My Plans page. You can also file a claim by SquareTrade a call at 1-877-WARRANTY (927-7268). They’re available 24/7.

Can I cancel or transfer a SquareTrade Protection Plan?

Protection plans can be transferred or canceled anytime. Transferring your plan is completely free, and you can cancel your plan in the first 30 days for a full refund. After that, you’ll receive a pro-rated refund for the unused portion. There is no cancellation fee.

To cancel or transfer your protection plan within the first 30 days of purchase, call the AfterSchool.com Customer Care team at 1-855-752-9321. After that, call SquareTrade directly at 1-877-WARRANTY (927-7268). Or, you can cancel or transfer your plan online at squaretrade.com. Just log into your account and follow the links on your My Plans page to cancel or transfer your plan in minutes. Refunds from a canceled plan take about 5 business days to process and will be paid to the credit card used to purchase the plan.

What if I have more questions?

Please click here to read the full Terms & Conditions of the SquareTrade Service Agreement, or contact SquareTrade at 1-877-WARRANTY (927-7268). They’re available 24/7.