Kids' racquets typically come in one standard grip size - 4". Overgrip, which slips over the handle, can be applied to create a custom fit and more cushioning.


Oversized heads have a larger hitting area and sweet spot - making it easier for kids to hit the ball. Most junior racquets come pre-strung.


Measured from teh end of the handle to the top of the head, youth racquets range from 19" to 26". Longer racquets provide more power while shorter racquets are easier to control.


Vibration dampeners can be added to the base of the strings to reduce the vibration felt when contact is made with the ball.

4 and under age 5-6 7-8 9-12 13+ 3'5" 3'6"-4' 4'1"-4'6" 4'7"-5' 5'+ grip dampeners balls racquet balls